May Freezer Cooking Round-up

Since I haven’t done much of anything around here lately, cooking has definitely been low on my priority list. Jared makes amazing scrambled eggs and the kids never seem to get tired of hot dogs so thankfully no one has starved. But the one thing that has really saved us over the past several weeks is having a full freezer. Behind the scenes at Once a Month Mom we work a couple of months ahead, so while my family has definitely had take-out more than I’d like, freezer meals have continued to keep dinnertime semi-sane. At least most nights.

Here’s a round-up of a few simple and freezer-friendly dishes we’ve been making this past month:

{Strawberry Banana Breakfast Popsicles}

{Homemade Pizza Sauce}

{Bacon Hashbrown Breakfast Wraps}

{Chicken Burritos}

{Easiest Ever BBQ Beef Sandwiches}

{Pita Pizzas}

Do you have a kitchen tip that helps you when life gets crazy?

Evening out the Odds

Hello, blog. Remember me? Yes. I’m back. At least for a visit.

It definitely feels like I have dropped into another world over here, and I frankly can’t think much of what has happened in the past, hmmm. . .SIX WEEKS? Where did May go? It’s all been a blur.

Well, other than the puking.

Or lying on my bed praying I will puke.

Or turning the thousandth movie on for the kids while I go back to my make-shift  bed on the couch and wait for the puking. (Saddest part about this picture? I honestly thought I was smiling for it! No idea I looked as bad as I felt.)

And this lovely scenario–which has pretty much been my lifestory for the past. . .SIX WEEKS is called, “I can’t pretend I have the flu anymore, and yes, we’re having another baby!”

Four. Four kids, in six years.

There are lots of mixed feelings around here, mostly described in words like: surprised, worried, anxious, and “are we crazy?” But trusting this sickness will pass and that there truly is a higher plan for us, there are also feelings of excitement as we prepare to grow our family again.

The kids are particularly excited, especially hoping for another boy which will even out our Odds and give our family three girls and three boys. (Because of course mommy and daddy are considered in their equation.) (And for those of you who know my last name, yes, that was a joke.)

There have been many days I have wanted to step back to the blog and explain my absence, but since I also have a bad habit of wanting to do all or nothing, and knowing I barely had the energy to nuke (which sounds and smells amazingly like the word “puke”) my kids a corndog before dropping back to my couch-bed, blogging has been tucked to the back of my mind. Along with the house cleaning. And just about everything else if we’re being honest.

{What happens when kids are hungry and mommies forget it’s lunchtime.}

I do miss being here to write though, and so thanks to a sympathetic doctor and the miracle of Zofran, I may be able to be around a bit more often. Just sayin’.

{P.S. To all of you who have e-mailed asking where to buy my designs, I deeply apologize for the unprofessional ignorance, and I do hope there will be a day for that again (soon?). Hang with me while I get to feeling a bit normal again.}