Creativity Captured: Kelleigh Ratzlaff {cash queen}

Creativity Captured is a regular feature in which I spend some time introducing artists, crafters, and bloggers I look up to, am inspired by, and feel have “captured” creativity.”

Two years ago I drastically changed the way we shop and became one of “those” people–a couponer–you know, the ones you dread being stuck behind in the grocery line. At first it was out of necessity but now it’s become a habit, and I’m not sure I would ever go back to my previous shopping habits, even if our income was significantly higher. For me, couponing and savvy shopping just makes sense, is a way I feel I can help support my family and be a good steward over what we have been given, and gives us more money to do other things! And who wouldn’t want that?

Last week I scored this for 49 cents (plus tax):

That’s four tubes of toothpaste, four bottles of body wash, two sippy cups, two floss, pantyliners, and razor refills!

For this week’s “creativity captured” I wanted to feature my online friend and fellow couponer, Kelleigh Ratzlaff. Kelleigh and I “met” when we were selling our digital scrapbooking designs at the same store, but have continued to connect through our frugal adventures. She is much more dedicated than me, and is someone I look to for inspiration when I’m feeling couponed out. She’s also extremely creative, makes amazing papercrafting templates, and has been very successful selling budget-friendly “cash envelopes” in her Etsy store. In fact, she’s celebrating her 150th Etsy sale on her adorable cash envelopes!

Here’s a little bit more about Kelleigh:

Tell a bit about yourself.

I’ve been married to the love of my life for 13 years, and we have two amazing little boys, ages 7 and 4.  I love reading, strategic couponing, creating 3-dimensional papercraft templates, digital scrapbooking, garage sales, and crafty pursuits.  I love trying out new things, so this past year I have become a runner, read through the entire Bible (in 88 days), started making my own yogurt, perfect artisan breadmaking (which is actually super easy!), and opened up an Etsy shop!

{Check out Kelleigh’s Extreme Couponing series}

What inspires you?

Oh, the answer to this question varies quite a bit!!  First, my Heavenly Father inspires me to love the way he first loved me.  I’m working on it, but it’s not as easy as it sounds!  My husband inspires me to keep pursuing new and unexplored areas of growth in my life.  My children inspire me to sit down and give it a rest and appreciate the snuggle.  Plus, they are so stinkin’ handsome that I just HAVE to take pictures and record memories, so they certainly inspire me to do that!!

{Easy, Inexpensive, and Classy Photo Gift Tutorial}

As for creative stuff, I love looking at a 3-dimensional shape and trying to break it down in my head and transfer the design to a piece of paper.  It’s weird, I know.  It’s a challenge that helps me hold on to my brain cells, I suppose!  I wonder if I will be keeping this up when I’m in my 80s?!

Also, I’m inspired by fabric (ooh-la-la!), pretty crafts, home decor and so much more!  I love pretty things, but I’m terribly cheap, so I’m usually a window shopper.  Hello TJ Maxx!

What’s in your purse?

I suppose I should go clean it out first, huh?  {sigh}  Okay, a couple of grocery store and drug store ads and a pile of random coupons (did I mention that I’m a couponer?), empty gum wrappers, 3 handmade clutch/purses (because I just HAD to show them off to friends), hand sanitizer, a ceramic airplane shaped piggy bank, 3 cars, lipstick (never leave home without it!), 2 pairs of sunglasses (because the preschooler always wants to wear mine when I put them on), socks (don’t ask), my wallet containing my cash envelopes, a notebook, my B90 Bible, a baggie filled with pens and pencils (my attempt at organization), a baggie filled with a little first aid kit we put together at MOPS and lotion.  I’m totally just sparing you, because there is actually more than that in there, but we could go on for days.

{Kelleigh’s super cute cash envelope system keeps her on budget.}

If you could be invisible for a day, where would you go, or what would you do?

Oooh!  I never thought about that!  I suppose I would love to see what my older son is up to at school.  Who is he spending the most time with, are they good friends, does he pay attention in class, is he kind to others, etc.  I know what other people tell me, but I’d like to see for myself!  He’s such a great kid, but he is 7 years old!  Yikes!

What was the last thing you purchased?

A zipper.  I discovered a new sewing pattern (which is why I have 3 clutches in my purse), and I want to make another one.  Oh, and Little Noses Saline Solution . . . because it was free at Rite Aid.  (Couponer!  Shameless.)

Find more of Kelleigh on her blog, Facebook, or in her Etsy store!

3 Comments on Creativity Captured: Kelleigh Ratzlaff {cash queen}

  1. Laura
    August 16, 2011 at 12:47 pm (4 years ago)

    How did you make those cute cash envelope things you had in your purse? Is it in a binder or wallet?

    • pameladonnis
      August 16, 2011 at 1:13 pm (4 years ago)

      Kelleigh makes them and sells them in her Etsy store.
      Aren’t they adorable? They tuck perfectly inside a wallet.


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