Digi Scrapping Requires Minimal Space

This is part of the series “Reasons to Digital Scrapbook.” 

Admittedly, there have been days I’ve coveted this:

scrapbook room

It reminds me of a store! Just stroll in, turn on some music, pull out the stash of chocolate, and CREATE. Ahhhhh. . .

But the dream scrapbook room isn’t a reality in my current life. Really, I’m okay with that though! Enter one of the reasons I {love} digital scrapbooking:

Going digital requires minimal space!

I have hundreds thousands of digital supplies ready for me to pick from when I sit down to create. And where do I keep all those supplies? Glad you asked.

This baby is like my fourth child and it holds ALL my digital scrapbooking supplies, designing tools, and photos.

External hard drive holds digital scrapbooking supplies

When I first started digital scrapbooking, I stored all my supplies on a thumb drive. It worked okay for a few months, but as I started downloading more supplies and creating more pages it filled up pretty quickly. (Digi files are fairly large because they are high-quality images.)

Luckily my husband surprised me with a 250 GB portable hard drive a couple Christmases ago. May seem nerdy to you, but it was the PERFECT most thoughtful gift to me because it showed he supported my growing hobby.

I’ve had this baby for a couple of years now and use it every day. I’m close to full though, so luckily Christmas is coming  I need to go in and purge, and then see if I need to upgrade.

And while we are on the digi-doesn’t require-a-lot-of-space subject, because all I need to store my supplies is a hard drive, I can easily “pack up” and scrapbook with my laptop wherever I want! I used to love going to scrapbooking crops, but it was so much work to pack everything up and I would get so frustrated about hauling my load to the event, only to find I left the paperbuttonglueribbonstickerpentool I needed at home. Since I now scrapbook digitally, I can enjoy crops AND have all my supplies right there with me. And I don’t require my own table (just a corner will do) to spread out all my STUFF. Which also means less mess. Kinda makes my non-digi scrapbooking friends jealous.

Just one more checkmark on my “why I love digi” list.


  1. My hubby got me a Lacie EHD for Christmas last year, and I LOVE it! I don’t have a laptop, so I can’t just “pack” and go, but its awesome to have so much extra space to store my digital stash!!! It’s true love, I tell ya! . . . I mean the hubby thing. :)



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