The Gift of Baking


My parents were big on giving practical gifts for Christmas–new toothbrushes in our stockings, socks and pajamas, books, educational toys or games. One year when I was nine or ten I remember opening a box filled with cake and brownie mixes. We typically cooked and baked from scratch to save money, so the mixes were a treat and I was able to produce goodies with little assistance. I was so proud, and learned some practical skills too! That was the year I got to play in the REAL kitchen while my friends used their Easy Bake Ovens. :)

Baking lessons Digital Scrapbook page

Last week Kroger had cookie mix on sale for $0.99. What perfect timing since there was a $1/1 coupon!! I got up a little earlier and Jared made the kids breakfast so I could have a little date with myself to the grocery store to pick up 20 boxes of FREE cookie mix (with 20 cents overage)!! Cheap thrills. :) I’m a pretty good cook, and usually do cook/bake from scratch, but when the price of a mix is LESS than making it from scratch, I’ll choose the convenience.

After buying the mixes I thought of my mom and that baking-lesson Christmas and decided it would be fun to use the cookie mixes for a similar gift for her this year. So I wrapped several boxes of mix, topped the gift with a new spatula and tucked in some cute recipe cards. Giving free cookie mixes to your mom may not be ideal, but I promise, my mom will be proud of my frugal skills and will love the practicality!

Inexpensive boxed mixes could make a fun gift for a neighbor, friend, teacher, college student or newlywed as well. Just spending a few minutes on the presentation takes it to a new level.

(Brown paper bag, a strip of patterned paper, ribbon, and a bow of raffia to fancy up this free cookie mix!)

Because I think you are the best friends ever and blogging makes me happy, I made you some {FREE} printable tags!!

The tags are in PDF format so no special program is required. Just download, print on photo paper, cardstock, or sticky label paper, trim, punch a hole, and tie with some cute ribbon. I have two versions for you:

The holiday version reads: Hope your holiday is sweet {download here}

The non-holiday version reads: Have a sweet day! {download here}

Merry Christmas and Happy Baking!

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  1. The Tags are adorable and just what I was looking for! Thank you!


  2. I was looking for ways to dress up homemade food gifts. I LOVE this. Thank you so much for sharing the printouts with us. They are darling.


  3. Thanks so much for this. I am making pumpkin rolls and banana bread loaves for gifts. These will be perfect. Thanks again.


  4. These tags are absolutely charming and sweet! I think I may need to print them out to have my sister use for her food gifts. Thank you so very much!


  5. Thank you! These will be perfect for our cookie exchange!


  6. Your story of the Real Kitchen brought back many memories for me. The year that my friends were getting Easy Bake Ovens was one of the most difficult for my parents. My parents had hardly any income, but my sisters and I were never without simple joys and fun. We recieved Cake mixes and baking pans from “Santa” that year so that we could make “Big Cakes!” I hope that I can pass on these simple joys to my kids in the midst of our relative affluence.

    Blessings to you this Christmas!


  7. Such a cute idea, my mom would love the thoughtfullness of this too! Thanks for the tags…super sweet!



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