Moving On…

It’s been a while and I’ve been so busy! But I think that may have been my excuse last time. And probably the time before. Sheesh.

But REALLY, I have been busy. Mostly hip-hugging a sweet-pea who’s decided she does not like to be put down. I can’t blame her though, as she’s been known to be mauled with sticky siblings every time I do.

Besides re-learning how to do everything one-handed and enjoying mountains of baby neck munches, I’ve been busy tripping over towers of boxes because we’re MOVING!

See, when Jared took a teaching position three years ago we settled 35 minutes away from the uber-small college town in a newish neighborhood. We found a sweet one-story builder-beige rental that was the perfect house for us, and though we never planned to make it permanent, it’s become home.

But our family has grown by four feet since the initial move to Kentucky, and especially with our most recent addition, priorities have changed. As we evaluated LIFE and what was causing the most stress to our family, we realized it’s been the lack of time we have together. Although a 35-minute commute probably wouldn’t be a whole lot to complain about normally, Jared also crosses a time zone to get to work, so his long work day becomes even longer.

We’ve talked about moving closer a hundred times, but it never felt right. Until now. And it’s all just fallen into place–from the timing of our current rental lease to hearing about an unadvertised little house about to become available, being in walking distance of campus, having more space to accommodate our growing family, and finding a quiet neighborhood with a private yard and a koi fish pond. A koi fish pond! I grew up watching my grandpa take care of his little backyard fish pond. Sigh…

Everything has worked out so perfectly–it’s like it’s the kind of plan written by Someone more knowledgeable than us.  And because I’ve seen it too many times to doubt, I truly believe He does watch out for us and that His plan is greater than the one I could make for myself.

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