Creative Bits From Lately

Lately. . .

1. We’re recovering from a Chili cook-off/bonfire party we had over the weekend. Lots of friends, food, and fall fun!

2. I’ve made some good progress with some of my breastfeeding clients, and it’s so awesome to play a small part in the mama’s success stories. Education is empowering!

 {Flyer for monthly class. . . Super Duper by Kate Hadfield}

3. I’m working on more scripture story felt sets. Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors was a popular Facebook request. Do you have any more requests?

4. We’re taking advantage of our gorgeous fall weather by having our family photos taken by a local photographer. Photo shoots are usually stressful for me and I end up being grumpy mommy behind the camera begging the kids to smile already. So it was good to have someone else do the work. Can’t wait to order some canvases for the walls of our new house.

{Photo taken by Carri Peterson of Sunlit Moments}

What’s new with you?



  1. What a beautiful photo! And the coat – love the colors!


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