Saturday Savings

It’s been a couple of months since I did any serious couponing as I gave myself permission to take some time off from chasing deals while we adjusted to life with a new baby. But this was a good stockup week at Kroger, and I was excited to get back into it and start the new month off fresh with my newly-filled cash envelopes. It feels kind of funny to show off my groceries, but survey results showed you want to see more couponing inspiration. So here you go! 

Best deals: (prices AFTER sale matched with coupon)

  • Canned Tomatoes: $0.29/can
  • Whole Wheat Pasta: $0.50/box
  • Pasta Sauce: $0.74/jar
  • Turkey Meatballs: $0.99/bag
  • Taco Shells: $0.37/box
  • Protein Bars: $0.16/each (planning to add these to our 72 hour kits)
  • Cereal: $0.99/box
  • Formula: $0.99/can
  • Blistex: $0.19/each

Yes, I’m a breastfeeding mama, but after a manager special markdown and a coupon, the normally-priced $16 cans of Enfamil were $0.99!! They’ll be nice to have on hand for the occassional night out.

Total Before Coupons: $181.35

Total After: $67.42

Money Saving Tip: When the deals are hot–stockpile.

When the deals are hot, don’t buy one can, buy six (or whatever number you choose). Items typically reach their rock-bottom price every six to twelve weeks, and keeping a “stock” gets you through the next sale and helps you avoid having to pay full price later on. If the weekly budget allows, I typically buy enough of an item to last my family three to six months (although my current goal is to work up to a year’s supply).

How is your money saving journey going?


  1. Love to see this! Very inspiring. I took a whole lot of time off from couponing after having the baby due to the fact that foods that contained dairy/soy were off limits, as I was nursing and he was intolerant. I had a very limited diet, and it was really depressing that most of the coupons were for foods that contained dairy and/or soy. But I’m back to a normal diet now, and I can’t wait to jump back in the game!


    pameladonnis Reply:

    Oh, yeah, cutting out dairy and soy would be hard! Although there are definitely lots of coupons for healthy food, I do think it’s tougher to coupon with a specific diet in mind.


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