Less TV, More Books

If you listened to the the Paperclipping Digi Show, you learned I usually start with the story when I create my scrapbook pages, which is why I have so many non-photo layouts. It’s one of my favorite ways to use theme-y digital kits.

Just a page with a bit of journaling about one of the goals we have this year: Less TV, More Books.

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Journaling:A few days ago Ryan asked what my favorite TV show was when I was little. He was surprised when I told him we didn’t have TV. That’s not completely true though, we did have a TV–a really old one with rabbit ear antennas. But we didn’t watch it often, and when we did it was usually just an occassional VCR movie we borrowed from the library. My parents were very picky about what I watched and encouraged books as better entertainment. As a result I learned to love reading. This year Jared and I have made it a goal to follow my parents’ example and encourage more books and less TV. I don‘t think anything extreme will change from our current lifestyle as we already have lots of children’s literature and are selective about what the kids watch. It’s just that we want to be more conscious of the influence TV can have, while nurturing strong readers.


  1. Great goal. I love books. I always have. People think we are weird but a few years back we unplugged the TV and moved it into the store room. When we watch something we plan ahead and borrow a DVD from the library.


    pameladonnis Reply:

    I think that’s great!!


  2. Great goal! I have a two year old and we “don’t have tv” in that we do not have cable and live too far to get reception, so we use only Netflix. I’m glad that he will grow up not seeing commercials for junk he wants and finds it isn’t as great as he expected. And I’ve found already that when we try to put in a children’s movie, he wants nothing to do with it.

    Best of luck!


    Pam @ Keeping Life Creative Reply:

    @kristie, That’s the same for us too. We don’t have cable or any channels, but do use Netflix. I do love that the kids can watch a lot of good shows (instant play) without commercials. My kids have no idea what the “cool” toys are right now either. Thanks for sharing your perspective! I love learning from you :).



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