Pumpkin Face Hybrid Craft {by Jacque Larsen}

So last week I told you about my girl crush, Val. Well guess what?  I have another one. LOL. I LOVE LOVE Jacque Larsen’s painted paper pieces so much I begged my way onto her creative team. Yes, I’m that pathetic. But it worked and now I get to play with her paper pieces all the time!!

Jacque is awesome with hybrid projects. Check out her hybrid Holiday Blocks, this adorable Bible matching game and these FREE Thanksgiving place cards. Can’t wait to make some of those! I asked her if she’d be willing to share a Halloween craft with us and here she is!

I am speechless! I have NEVER been asked to be a guest blogger. I USED to be a big time blogger. As I LOVE to talk, talk, talk. Then facebook came around and well, I talk a lot on there now!… My poor neglected blog hardly gets used at ALL any more! Which is why I am so excited that Pam has asked me here this week! I will always be willing to share, and TALK! :)

I love this time of year! I love the seasons changing, the cooler weather, the leaves changing colors, and the smells that I associate with Fall. But most of all, I LOVE the Holidays from the first of October clear through March ending with my anniversary.  My most favorite thing about Fall is decorating. I am always on the look out for the CUTEST and most AFFORDABLE handmade craft items.

I’ve already done quite a few this year. I am going to share my most recent.
I purchased some cheap 2×4 pine wood planks (about $2 for 8ft long boards).
Then I was off to find something to make with them.
After a little bit of painting and my laziness and getting tired of the paint I created these little Pumpkin Faces. . . .

All I had to do was print, cut, and paste.
Now THAT is my kind of craft!

{Pam interjecting here. . . These files are JPEGs, so don’t get scared by the “digital” thing. . . you don’t have to use them in Photoshop.}

The supplies you need are:

  • 2×4 pine wood plank
    (cut into 4×4 inch squares)
    -they actually measure 3.5×3.5, as wood is compressed.
  • pumpkin faces print out
  • scissors
  • sand paper
  • mod podge
  • ribbon
  • foam brush
  •  stapler (optional)


  1. lightly sand blocks.
  2. print off faces and cut out.
  3. brush a thin layer of mod podge (your glue) onto the face of your wood block.
  4. gently press one pumpkin face onto the glue,
  5. smooth with your finger, be sure to get out most of the wrinkles.
  6.  let blocks with faces dry for a few minutes.
  7. then brush a thick coat of mod podge OVER pumpkin face and block.
  8. go ahead, do a second and third coat!
  9. let blocks dry. (or mostly dry. LOL)
  10. tie ribbon around block. (this is where i used a stapler to hold my ribbon in place as i tied it)
  11. adore your finished pumpkin face!
  12. decorate your home with all sorts of cute little pumpkin faces!

    Or give as gifts. We have already given pumpkin faces to school teachers and neighbors. They are ADORED by all!



  1. Super cute, ladies. I love them. Cute, creative, and simple enough for ME to do. :)


  2. I love Jacque’s digi art. She is amazing. Have you seen her ABC book, cubes, etc? Darling! Made the cubes for my family last year with her ABC letters, numbers, art, and pics of my kiddoes. If I knew how to post a pic within this post you would see how stinkin darlin they are. And EASY!
    Loved your pumpkin faces on the black candle stands. Very cute.


    pameladonnis Reply:

    Her ABC and 123 books are some of my favorites! I made the number book for my son and he loves it. :)



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